What Your Data Isn’t Telling You (And How Metametrix Can Unlock Hidden Insights)

Every day, business people have questions about their customers. But they lack the time, budget or solutions to find answers. At the same time, data is piling up, being generated at an unprecedented rate. The data we’re collecting everyday for our business intelligence has exceeded our knowledge and overwhelmed the tools meant to make use of it. According to the IDC, “90% of the unstructured data are never analyzed.”

Dormant Data, Arise

Dormant data holds potential insights to help marketers better understand their customers. If only you could open up that data, you’d be able to address challenges like, “How can I effectively analyze 1000 verbatims?” Or, “How can we make better use of the call center data we’ve collected?”

Metametrix has been helping companies quickly and easily understand what people want and why they want it. Now we’re making it even easier to analyze company collected data. We’re introducing a new feature called Upload A File. Users can upload their data for instant analysis right in the platform. Metametrix takes a large unstructured data file and synthesizes it into a digestible summary using natural language processing and dynamic visuals that make analyses both robust and fast.

How does it work?

For example, users can upload an Excel file of verbatim survey responses with just a few clicks. Metametrix then does all the heavy lifting, determining the main themes within the data in seconds. It also reveals the values bubbling in the data set, allowing the user to instantly evaluate the WHY driving respondents’ behavior. Upload a File makes quick and meaningful work of those data files by unlocking information to move your business forward faster.

What could your data be telling you?

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