Who is Metametrix?

Metametrix comes whipping out of the heads of Mary Meehan, Adam Elliott and Sudheer Prem. Combined, they bring together decades of experience helping clients in trend forecasting, consumer insights, data collection and advanced analytics.

How does Metametrix work?

Well, here goes!

    • We use advanced data collection to analyze information from across the internet – mobile data, panels, blogs, online communities, news, websites, or other social media
    • We employ natural language processing, text analytics and sophisticated statistical methods to add structure and context to data
  • We analyze how that data fits into the big picture of the culture using sophisticated frameworks  (STEEP, Systems theory, Scenario planning, Maslow)


Subscribers to Metametrix get access to our proprietary tools for you and your team. Want a demo? We’ll do it!

What are cultural analytics?

Cultural analytics are what turn data into actionable insight. It’s our proprietary approach to turning data analysis into innovation. (Nobody else really does it!)

How much does Metametrix cost?

As with all things, pricing varies by team size and by package. Our goal is to present affordable options for research, innovation, insights teams, and more!

MAY I have a sample?

Probably! Shoot us a note and we’ll set up a demo and talk you through your options.

Are team versions available?


What kinds of clients do you work with?

    • Researchers
    • Marketers
    • Product developers
    • Insights specialists
    • Planners
    • Innovators
  • Anyone who needs fresh data, guidance on important trends, consumer insights and broad cultural perspective

Who’s your typical buyer?

Enterprises whose business relies on foresights, consumer insights, strategic planning and innovation, including companies who trade in fast-moving goods, entertainment and technology, in addition to cutting edge ad agencies. Organizations looking for advanced analysis and insights on big data sets.

Have other questions? (We’re talking to YOU now!)

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