At Metametrix, we believe:

  • Data tells stories
  • Values drive people’s decisions
  • You can’t innovate without understanding the culture

Energized by those ideas and stumped by the fact that so few seem to be doing big data right, Metametrix developed our own, proprietary way to take in the world and help foster innovation. We call our proprietary combination of advanced data collection, natural language processing and rigorous study of the world cultural analytics.

It’s cultural analytics that makes the data sing. Using our proprietary approach, we lead clients to find better insights, explore bigger opportunities and make business decisions that drive more change. We developed this solution to spark data into big ideas for researchers, strategists and decision-makers bridge the gap between big data and big business decisions.

With Metametrix, you get:

  • A big-picture approach to analytics
  • The ability to see business opportunities as they emerge
  • A ways to easily uncover what consumers truly value
  • A broad cultural perspective and applied insights expertise without adding team members

How Metametrix works:

  • We use advanced data collection from across the internet, searching publicly available data, including news, blogs, social, websites, and .gov data
  • We employ natural language processing, text analytics and sophisticated statistical methods to add structure and context to data
  • We analyze how that data fits into the big picture of the culture using sophisticated frameworks  (STEEP, Systems theory, Scenario planning, Maslow)

We call our proprietary process cultural analytics. And we use that process to go beyond simple social listening tools or conventional data-crunching software. With cultural analytics, our clients see the values behind consumer behavior, the how behind consumer trends, and the unexpected opportunities for their business.

Metametrix helps:

  • Researchers
  • Marketers
  • Product developers
  • Insights specialists
  • Planners
  • Innovators
  • And anyone who needs fresh data, guidance on important trends, consumer insights and broad cultural perspective

Launched in 2015, Metametrix is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.