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Staying on top of a rapidly changing world can be a challenge for any organization. Companies require solutions to help them synthesize data, identify and define trends, and build near-term and long-term strategies to increase customer loyalty and profitability.

Metametrix can shortcut the process for you as the first data analytic platform to combine the flexibility of human thinking with the power of technology making data useful so that companies can make better decisions about their products and customers.

Values + Emotions: Unlocking Customer Mindset

For years, we’ve been analyzing people’s behaviors and the key to really understanding people is to keep the demo number crunching, but go deeper to examine their true motivators, values. Now, we’re introducing a new tool to add clarity and nuance to our interpretation of data. See what happens when you apply inventive technology and rigorous thinking to both values AND emotions when studying the culture or interpreting text.

How are clients using Metametrix?

Metametrix provides unique cultural insights to the critical questions asked by marketers, brand leaders and product developers.

How can we analyze all of the data we are collecting?

Use Metametrix to analyze surveys verbatims, call center data, online community transcripts and more with a custom report or to look at an instant snapshot of today or how the data changes over time.

How do I get clarity at the fuzzy front end of innovation?
Use Metametrix to explore and define your project, generating insight and ideas on your issues and challenges.
How can I save money on research?
Use Metametrix to build a deeper understanding of the research subject, category or demographic before designing research instruments. Be better prepared and reach insights faster.
How can we stay on top of fast-changing events and consumers when we don’t have time for research?

Use Metametrix to analyze multiple aspects of any topic or event through a wide range of web data options for quick results and understanding.

How can we build future thinking and foresight into our capabilities?

Use Metametrix to build a big-picture perspective of the WHY driving engagement and the influences affecting your customer, product or brand.

How can we accelerate our strategy process?
Use Metametrix to quickly research your project from several angles. Build a POV based on drivers and insights, leaving more time for creative.

We are a text analytic insights platform with 3 solutions


This DIY option lets you analyze web data or upload your own data, right from your desktop, to instantly sort through the analysis for the dominant themes, values and emotions.



Some jobs are too big to tackle on your own. If you’ve got call-center data, survey verbatims, online community transcripts or other unstructured text, we’ll analyze the data, uncover the insights and create and deliver a custom report to you and your team.



Many companies have sophisticated analytic tools and programs in place but want to add Metametrix’s unique approach to revealing values and emotions to their solution. We love partnering with clients and our API makes it easy.