Metametrix Pioneers A New Approach To Cultural Analytics

With a rapidly changing world, challenges for brands and agencies seem to multiply. Just when you’ve got your footing on the social media landscape, you need to climb AI and blockchain.One thing that won’t change is your need to be culturally relevant. The insights that let you talk about your organization’s connection to the culture are powerful tools that can mean the difference between solving customer problems and simply offering up a cool product. Between defining a new product category and losing billions by ignoring change coming over the horizon.

Context Is King

There’s too frequently a simplistic view of consumer trends as simply “what’s hot.” That idea goes hand in hand with a misplaced assumption that a quick scan of trends provides easy business insights.

It just doesn’t work that way. The real value of cultural trends is in understanding WHY they are happening. Trends don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are only the result of other changes and shifts in the culture, all ping-ponging off each other to result in some new phenomenon. Researching the universe and examining the drivers of those larger changes for context is how you become culturally relevant.

Metametrix Data

So how do you treat cultural trends as the revenue-powering tool they can be? Immerse yourself in your target demographic or topic, broaden your horizon and continually ask WHY. Finding insights is a quest to understand and align with the current zeitgeist; it’s a way to get in front of what’s going to be happening next.

Freedom leads the values for Gen Z and politics–an essential element to democracy–followed by affluence, power, responsibility, and justice, all common themes in current events.

The values driving Gen Z engagement in technology begin with the power to access, learn, and communicate.

Metametrix can shortcut this process for you. We have been pioneering cultural analytics using a new approach that’s powered by advanced data collection from across the internet. We search publicly available data, including news, blogs, social and other sites. We employ natural language processing, text analytics and sophisticated statistical methods to decipher meaning and context in data. We analyze how that data fits into the big picture of the culture using sophisticated frameworks – STEEP, systems theory, scenario planning, and Maslow.

This is cultural analytics. We use this process to go beyond simple social listening tools or conventional data-crunching software.

With cultural analytics, our users see the values behind consumer behavior, the how behind consumer trends, and the unexpected opportunities for their business.

  • Achieve clarity prior to an innovation process
  • Design smarter research instruments
  • Reach insights faster
  • Accelerate the strategic process to spend more time on creative
  • Track a trend, product, concept or demo group over time

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